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Rules Governing Participation

The following rules are in effect remain unchanged from the prior year.
  1. The concept of College Bowl is a game of quick recall in which two teams of players vie for questions asked by a Moderator.

  2. The title, concept, format, game packets of questions and answers and all other materials used in connection with College Bowl are the property of the College Bowl Company. They are for use in the College Bowl Campus Program on participating campuses ONLY and may not be used for any other purpose without the expressed written consent of the company.

  3. A portion of the charge for game packets is a license fee, entitling a school to use the College Bowl title, concept, format and other materials. Use of any or all of these elements outside of official College Bowl competition is prohibited without the company's expressed written consent.

  4. Schools wishing to compete in the College Bowl Regional Championship Tournament must purchase a minimum of 10 game packets and must hold a campus tournament, open to all students, before the registration deadline for the Regional Tournament.

  5. Game packets may only be ordered by a College or University Staff member and may not be returned for credit or refund under any circumstances.

  6. Only questions and answers supplied by the College Bowl Company may be used in the Campus Program.

  7. Game packets supplied by the company for the Campus program are for Campus use only. Reprints from the pdf documents and photocopies may be made for use in simultaneous play. No game packets or any questions and answers may be distributed to any individual, organization or other school.

  8. In order to ensure that College Bowl questions are current, game packets may not be retained by participating schools for more than five years. Outdated game packets must be destroyed.

  9. All Intercollegiate College Bowl Tournaments must be registered with the College Bowl Company before they are conducted. Signing a license agreement and payment of a license fee of $1 per team per tournament is required. The company does not supply game packets for any such tournaments.

  10. No College Bowl match may be filmed, videotaped, audio taped, broadcast, webcast or otherwise preserved without the expressed written consent of the College Bowl Company. Signing a license agreement and payment of a per program license fee is required.

  11. Historically Black College and Universities, which are eligible for participation in Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, may elect to participate in Honda Campus All-Star Challenge or College Bowl. Participation in both programs during the same academic year is not permitted.

  12. Failure to observe these terms and conditions may result in a school's expulsion from College Bowl play and could result in legal action.

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