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Regional Championship Tournaments


The Association of College Unions (ACUI) is College Bowl's educational partner.  Through its regional network of schools and volunteers, ACUI administers the College Bowl Regional Championship Tournaments.

Register for your RCT

Consult the ACUI Map to determine which region you are located in.

In each region an ACUI College Bowl Regional Coordinator serves as the liaison to schools and runs the RCT.   Within a national set of guidelines as to tournament format (depending on the number of schools participating), each ACUI Region plans its own tournament.  RCT registration fees are set by each ACUI Region and are paid to the ACUI.  There is a higher registration fee for schools which are not members of ACUI.

To be eligible to participate in the RCT, a school must have purchased 10 game packets and have conducted a Campus Tournament open to all students.

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