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Player Eligibility Rules

The following requirements are in effect for the current season and remain unchanged from the prior season.

Team Eligibility forms are supplied to all eligible schools with their Campus Program Kits (on the CD-ROM). Please note that there is only one form, combining the player and institutional eligibility. If you need another copy, you can download it right here.  Please remember to make 2 copies; complete both copies (including the Registrar's seal); retain 1 copy and submit the other fully-completed original to COLLEGE BOWL HEADQUARTERS BY FEBURARY 1):

Team Eligibility Form in Microsoft Word format (preferred format so that you can type the names)
Team Eligibility Form in Adobe Acrobat format

  1. For Intercollegiate play (Regional or National Championship Tournament), each school may designate a College Bowl Varsity Squad, composed of eight or more players, from which the team participating in any given tournament is selected.

  2. The members of the team which wins the Campus Tournament are automatically members of the Varsity Squad. Additional All-Stars from the Campus Tournament may be selected to be part of the Varsity Squad. This allows strong players whose teams were not victorious to represent the school in Regional Championship Tournament play. Some schools automatically send the winning team to the Regional Championship Tournament, as this is part of the prize for winning. Others train with the Varsity Squad for some months before determining which players will compete. Which of these players represent your school is your decision. However, we strongly recommend that schools select a Varsity Squad.

  3. For any Intercollegiate match or tournament, up to five of the players (four players and an alternate) constitute the Traveling Team. EFFECTIVE WITH THE 2004 RCTs, a full-time faculty or staff member is NO LONGER REQUIRED to accompany the team.  However the Campus Coordinator woh signs the Eligibility form must still be a full-time faculty or staff member.

  4. Only one member of the Traveling Team may be a graduate student. Any student who has received a Bachelor's degree from any institution or is a co-term student (grad/undergrad) is considered a graduate student for the purposes of eligibility. A student taking courses for graduate credit is considered a co-term student, and thus a graduate student.

  5. Students must carry 3 credit hours per term. Registrar verification that a lower second term course load completes all degree requirements is acceptable in lieu of the term credit requirement.

  6. Each member of the Traveling Team must be registered in school for the terms during which any Intercollegiate matches are played in order to be eligible to compete. In order to play in the National Championship Tournament, a player must have been eligible to play during the Regional Championship Tournament, but is not required to have competed.

  7. Each member of the team attending an Intercollegiate Tournament must have played in at least one Campus Tournament game during that College Bowl year.

  8. All players are limited to six years of Intercollegiate play (Regional or National Championship Tournament), regardless of school affiliation. This includes all play since the College Bowl Campus Program began in 1977.

  9. Eligibility exceptions must be appealed to College Bowl Headquarters directly.

  10. Schools may add additional eligibility requirements by campus policy.

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