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FAQ: Regional Championship Tournaments

The following is a Q & A format covering the most frequently asked questions.   If you don't find your answer on our web site, please contact Tom Michael or your ACUI College Bowl Regional Coordinator.

All Regionals are run over the weekend of February 21-24, 2008.  Each ACUI Region sets the site and schedule for its own RCT.   Some regions hold their tournament on Friday and Saturday, some Saturday and Sunday, others all three days.

Consult the ACUI Regional Map to determine which region you are located in.

All RCTs are run by the ACUI College Bowl Regional Coordinator. Questions regarding a specific Regional should be directed to the ACUI Regional Coordinator.

The College Bowl Company supplies the game packets (free) for the Regionals, handles registration and maintains all eligibility records.

All Regions are using either a full or modified Round Robin format, with a 4-team double-elimination playoff.  The following are the format requirements established by the ACUI College Bowl Program Team:

7 or less teams participating - Double Round Robin with a 4-team double-elimination Playoff
8 - 14 teams participating - Full Round Robin with a 4-team double-elimination Playoff
15 or more teams participating - Modified Round Robin with a 4-team double-elimination Playoff

Go to the RCT Info page. That's where you will find the tournament site, format, schedule, fees and information on hotels near the tournament. We post information as soon as we get it from the ACUI Regional Coordinators, so check that page often for updated information.

The tournament fee is set by the ACUI Regional Coordinator and/or ACUI Regional Steering Committee. Check the fee listing to see what is included. The College Bowl Company receives none of the Regional Fees and does not charge for the Regional Game Packets.

All players on your RCT Team must have competed in your Campus Tournament.

Teams are limited to one graduate student on their five-member teams.  All teams must submit an eligibility form (signed & sealed by the registrar).  For more information, go to Player Eligibility Requirements page.

Once the Campus Tournament is over, you start with the 4 or 5 members of the winning team. Then, from among other outstanding players in the Campus Tournament, you fill out the Varsity Team of 8-15 players. From this group, any 5 players may be selected to compete at Regionals. Teams must meet eligibility requirements (see above).

Contact your ACUI Regional Coordinator. The RCTs depend upon experienced game officials who can travel with their team and many Regions offer a tournament fee discount.


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