Tournament Calculator

Our tournament calculator is designed to help you plan your campus tournament. Select one or more criteria and then click the Search button. A list of tournament formats meeting your criteria will be displayed, along with information about the number of teams, game packets, simultaneous game play rooms and time periods required.

  • If you know the number of teams you expect to have, you can enter only that criteria (# of Teams) to see what formats are possible, how many packets, simultaneous game play rooms and time periods are needed, etc.

  • If you have already purchased packets, select only that criteria (# of Packets) to see the number of teams that you will be able to accomodate using various formats and simultaneous game play rooms.

  • While you can select multiple criteria, by using fewer criteria, more format choices will be displayed
When the format options are displayed, click on any of the search result "Chart" links to open or save the corresponding tournament chart. Some charts are Microsoft Word documents and others are Microsoft Excel files. Click for instructions on using these files.

The tournament calculator uses the most common tournament formats for the typical numbers of teams and simultaneous game play rooms, so there are other formats for which charts can be developed. If you do not find a tournament chart that meets your specific needs, please email Tom Michael or call him at 800-234-2695 x106.

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