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HIGH SCHOOL BOWL is the high school version of America's favorite question and answer game, the Emmy and Peabody award winning COLLEGE BOWL.

In over 35 years on TV and live in communities all across America, HIGH SCHOOL BOWL has become one of the best-loved, most-watched local competitions.

High School Bowl is available for local license either as a TV series or as a non-broadcast event. All licenses include packets of questions at the High School level.

For local broadcast, HIGH SCHOOL BOWL delivers the hard to reach light viewing audience. It's a one of a kind program in which families -- parents and teens -- watch together. As the season progresses, the audience grows with every week on the air.

Local HIGH SCHOOL BOWL competitions are organized and sponsored by a variety of organizations, often in a unique local combination:

  • school system or individual schools
  • PTA
  • community organizations
  • civic groups
  • colleges and universities
  • local broadcasters -- cable system, television station or PBS affiliate
  • local or regional sponsors

HIGH SCHOOL BOWL offers outstanding corporate image and public relations opportunities for sponsors -- locally, regionally or nationally. The College Bowl Company has 35+ years experience in corporate sponsorship and can help place HIGH SCHOOL BOWL competitions for client sponsors.

HIGH SCHOOL BOWL is supported by the whole community -- business, education and government. It will establish your group as community minded ... shining the spotlight on the bright young people in your schools.

HIGH SCHOOL BOWL has a track-record in communities...large and small...from Maine to Alaska...for local competitions, broadcast competitions and sponsor promotion.

For more information on HIGH SCHOOL BOWL contact Tom Michael at 800-234-2695 x 106.

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