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Online Quiz Sites

The following is a list online quiz sites.  The links are clickable, but in case you are printing this page, the link is written out as well. Please email when you find other online quiz sites that we should add to this page or sites on this page that we should remove.

African American Quiz Sites

Bible Quiz Sites

  • Bible Literacy Quiz (online; Q&A web page)
  • Bible Quiz List ( printable and self-grading formats; 10 plus quizzes)
  • Bible Quizzes (online; various topics)
  • Bible Quizzes ( print with answers to use as a drill in practice; various topics)
  • Bible Quizzes (online; many quizzes plus a timed quiz)
  • Bible Trivia (online; can be printed to use as a drill in practice)
  • Bible Trivia Quizzes (online; many topics)
  • Bible Education (link list to additional sources for online bible quizzes)
  • Christian Corner Bible Quizzes (online; email address required to receive the answers)

Geography Quiz Sites

  • Geography Quizzes and more (online; geography, flags, world currency and capitals)
  • Internet Geography Quizzes (online; U.S. and world geography)
  • Zeal Geography Quizzes (online; links to over 25 U.S. and world geography and map quizzes)

History Quiz Sites

Literature Quiz Sites

  • Freebooks 5000 (online; many literature, Shakespeare and poetry quizzes; some by title, some by author, some by famous lines, etc.)
  • Fun Trivia (online; over 1,000 quizzes sorted by genre and author)
  • Quia Literature Quizzes (online; many different formats of online literature quizzes)
  • Southern Univ.-Baton Rouge Top 100 20th Century Literary Works Quiz (downloadable self-running PowerPoint; right click to download)
  • The Literary Quiz (online; quizzes on plays, poetry, characters, themes, journalism, newspapers, magazines, Shakespeare, literature, Pulitzer prizes and more)

Mixed Topic Quiz Sites

  • Barnes & Noble's quizzes (online; literature, art & music and general knowledge)
  • Cool Quizzes (online; quizzes in geography, math, science and general knowledge)
  • E.L. Easton (online; quizzes on the bible & religion, general knowledge, history, literature & current literature, classics, mythology and Shakespeare)
  • Fun Trivia Quizzes (online; searchable for quizzes on a specific topic)
  • Quia Quizzes (online; quizzes in a variety of content categories including literature, bible, science, history, etc.)
  • Quizzes (online; enormous content-categorized and multi-disciplinary link list to online quizzes in subjects including bible, literature, history, science & technology, music, sports, movies and general knowledge)

Science Quiz Sites

  • Astronomy Quizzes (online; solar system and astronomy principals/terms)
  • Astronomy Quizzes (online; tied to a popular textbook)
  • Biology Quizzes (online; easier versions for non-science students)
  • Biology Quizzes (online; covers all of basic-level human biology coursework)
  • Chemistry Quizzes (online; quizzes from a chemistry professor)
  • College Level Biology Quizzes(online; separated by courses)
  • Fun Trivia Chemistry (online; over 70 quizzes in 9 sub-topics)
  • Fun Trivia Physics Quizzes (online; over 25 quizzes)
  • Math Quizzes (online; algebra, geometry, calculus and more)
  • Periodic Table of Elements Quizzes (online; by element, attributes & position on the table plus links to additional science quizzes)

Social Science Quiz Sites

  • Economics Quizzes (online; quizzes keyed to a popular textbook)
  • Fun Trivia Social Science Quizzes (online; anthropology, psychology, sociology, U.S. law & crime stats)
  • Alley Dog Quizzes (online; psychology)
  • Fun Trivia Business World Quizzes (online; who owns what, company towns, corporate scandals, business math, who makes it, etc.)

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