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Information for New Schools

Schools which did not play College Bowl during the last academic year can enroll for only $500. This special starter kit includes:
  1. The College Bowl Campus Program Kit:
    • Step-by-step guide to running College Bowl on your campus
    • Ready-made customizable promotional templates in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, in color and black & white
    • Sample team and volunteer recruitment letters, signup sheets, thank-you letters and more
    • Scoresheets & moderators scripts
    • Templates for player & team nameplates and nametags
    • Rules and Rules Quiz in multiple formats (including PowerPoint)
    • Practice question templates and a clickable list of www resources
    • Tournament charts in Microsoft Word for 4-32 team single-elimination and double-elimination, plus the traditional round robin pairings chart

  2. Ten game packets, ready to print on CD-ROM

  3. Unlimited access to with publications, tools, a Blog and downloadable files

  4. Toll-free help line (800-234-2695 x106) for all your questions

  5. An ACUI Regional Coordinator who serves as a local liaison

  6. Subscription to the College Bowl Newsletter

  7. Rental or puchase of lockout and clock equipment

  8. Prize items at competitive prices

  9. Entry into the premier academic competition with a 25+ year history and a national backbone of organization through the Association of College Unions International.

How easy it it to run College Bowl?

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February Regional Championship Tournament
Late spring National Championship Tournament
Please browse the College Bowl website to find out more about the award-winning program.

We hope you'll join the team today. Signing up is fast and easy -- you can order online, order by fax, order by mail or order by phone at 800-234-2695 x106. For your convenience we accept purchase orders and credit/procurement cards.

In 2008, the Regionals will be held the weekend of February 21-24.

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